Paper, plastic or a job



From Steeleworker Cathy Jo Johnson: Recently, I went on a huge grocery shopping trip late at night. There was a young man in line behind me. This very pleasant young man, helping his mom shop, saw I was alone and came over to help bag. As we spoke, I learned he is an unemployed structural engineer. If he goes that far for a stranger at a supermarket, think of what he could do for a company. Needless to say he impressed me enough to reach out to my network to see if we might assist him in his job hunt. Are you still featuring job hunting Steeleworkers? Well, I am now: Email Steven Sheldrup with job leads here.

Look around, pay attention, help out, engage in conversation – oh, the places you will go. (Thanks CJ!)

This just seemed like a nice way to start the week …

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