Oooh, that’s uncomfortable

michael-fearTo be comfortable in life, you have to be uncomfortable first. Commit every day to doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable – it opens you up to vulnerability and vulnerability is essential to success. Maybe it’s sending an email to a contact asking for an interview or cold calling a company you would love to work for. No matter what, keep putting fear aside and pushing forward. Eventually, things that seemed out of reach will be daily no-brainers and you’ll steadily be stretching your comfort zone. I’ve been doing this so long; rejection no longer bothers me in the least. Fear is a HUGE waste of time. More often than not, you’ll find once you get past that initial fear, the people you were scared of are just like you. And, are happy to have you on board.

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Alive, well, and attempting to conquer the world at 22,

Michael Mazzella
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Michael is a great voice for those just starting out in the world and looking for a career to conquer. Another great source of confidence? Welcome to College! 101 Ways to Rock Your World and the original 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day. This fear tip is in both! See more at Or watch the book video below.

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