Oh no, it’s all gone

houston-floodToday’s tip title is something that should never come out of your mouth. You take a power spike that fries your computer, you wake up and your basement is filled with water, a thief takes off with your laptop, or maybe a force of nature such as a hurricane or tornado takes its toll on your home or office. What happens? You lose all your important documents including your insurance information. That presentation that you worked on all week is toast. Your family photos are gone. You don’t have a backup of any of this. Breaking out into a cold sweat yet? It’s 2015; this doesn’t have to be you. There are a variety of backup solutions that are safe, affordable, and easy to use for the family computer and your home office. iCloud, Backblaze, Dropbox, Google Drive.

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What are you waiting for? Yes, you. Start a backup plan today!

Bryan Seely, the YDST Tech Tipster

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