I have nothing to do today

Nothing to do, open your scheduleQuit filling up your schedule, it is okay to have nothing to do sometimes. We are all guilty of it. You do it because you think you are successful if your schedule is full. When you jam pack things into a day, you don’t leave any time for unexpected opportunities, quiet/thinking time or time to create. Look at everything on your schedule this week. Is it there because you really need to do it? Or is it there because you needed to fill a hole in the schedule? Leave holes. Read 9 Habits of Productive People from Forbes.

Happy first day of school,

Dayna aka The Oldest Mom In The Middle School or No, that is not my grandson but thank you for asking or, my favorite, Tell your grandfather thank you for saying he enjoyed listening to me on the radio.

Albert and Joey
Not only is it the first day of school, it is also National Dog Day. To celebrate this tail-wagging event, I wrote a piece that has gone to the dogs on FastCompany.com. Woof! Happy National Dog Day | Know Any Humans With These Doglike Qualities In Your Workplace?

*Meet my two German Shepherd rescues Albert and Joey getting some love from their Abuela.