Welcome new people, opportunities and surprises

Dayna Steele and friendsMake the new people in your network feel welcome – new employees, new neighbors, new customers, new members – with a note, a quick email or a small gift. There’s an HR department that sends new hires a $5 Starbuck’s card with a note, “This coffee will keep you awake while you finish all the paperwork. Welcome aboard!” I sent my son’s new 8th grade teachers emails introducing myself this week and giving my contact information. One replied with a note that she had actually met me at a restaurant in 1988 and sent the picture to prove it saying, “I don’t know who the other people are but here we are.”

Those other people behind me are my parents looking so alive and so happy. So made my day. Thank you Mrs. Pajak.

Meet Road ID

Think no one notices the little things your company does or the notes you write to be more personable? Think again. Road ID is a company that thinks everyone should have ID on them, they sell bracelets and other items with ID info for running shoes and cyclists. And, they send the best confirmation emails –  a #Steeleworker forwarded this to me yesterday so you and I could read it:

I have some fantastic news! No, you didn’t win the lottery, but your Road ID order was shipped today. We are not only super excited to have you as a customer, we are amped that you’re in the great state of Texas. Did you know your state is larger than EVERY country in Europe? It is so big, you can fit 220 Rhode Islands inside your state. What we’re trying to say is your state is freakishly enormous but awesome, nonetheless. We hope you had a great experience shopping with us. We are thrilled to have you as a customer and hope we can count on you to spread the word about the importance of wearing ID. So, if you need anything from us, or just want to say “what’s up,” feel free to reply to this email, give us a call, write a letter, send a telegram, or whip up a smoke signal.

Nice Road ID, nice.