A new look for an old classic

Sales slumping? Interest waned? Bottom line has changed and could be better? Your product or service is still good stuff so think about how you present it and change things up a bit, give it a new look. We were researching Tesla vehicles yesterday (pipe dream, don’t get all excited) and discovered Tesla Motors presents their vehicles in a ‘gallery’ like art. Then, I found an article this morning about Lexus cars – Toyota is taking a classic section of their brand and presenting it in a totally different way. Same car, new presentation. I recently took my entire speaking website and changed it to one page on YourDailySuccessTip.com. I was told, ‘you can’t do that.’ (Never a good thing to tell me.) You freshen up your wardrobe, when is the last time you freshened up your presentation?

Toyota Lexus New Look

Change is good, be not afraid.


Humans of New York

I’d like to send you into this weekend with a smile on your face. One of my favorite guilty pleasures on Facebook is Humans of New York. I cry, I laugh, I think, I’m amazed. This thought-provoking site of photographs of people the photographer comes across in New York City on a daily basis and their short stories is becoming a book. Advance copies are now on sale at Amazon.com. I can’t wait to curl up on a couch with this one. The photographs are good. The stories are life changing.