Never stop getting better

Diana Nyad getting betterCongrats to Diana Nyad for her record-breaking swim from Cuba to Miami. When asked this morning if that was it, she said absolutely not, that maybe she would retire when she is 90. She already has plans to take a portable pool around the world and swim for charity. When Lady Gaga was asked if she was happy about her success, she said all she can think about is what she will do next, how she will get better. Big success for you last week? That’s nice – but what will you do this week to get better?

You’ve only got four days to do it this week. Go!


Girls Will Be


Thanks to #Steeleworker Kitty Allen for the getting better slide show she sent me this morning. Great timing. And thanks to Patty Pinkley for sending this website over the holiday weekend: Girls Will Be, the headquarters for girl clothes without the girly – clothes that break free of the stereotypical girly styles dominating retail today – colors beyond pink, no girly embellishments, imagery that breaks gender stereotypes, and styles that let girls be kids. As the creator of Smart Girls Rock, to encourage STEM education, you know I love this!