Networking your way to Prince Charming (or Princess)

One of the strongest ways to network is to do something for others without asking for anything in return. Refer a client, send a lead, make an introduction and get out of the way, honor a request – anything that you can do to help someone else move forward. It will come back to you eventually in one form or another AND you begin to brand yourself as the go-to expert.
Your Daily Succces Tip - Networking for Others

What can I do for you?


David Crosby of Crosby Stills & Nash once asked me to help him coordinate NASA guests coming to a show at The Woodlands in Houston, Texas. It was time consuming but I did it to help out. One of those guests was NASA pilot Dr. Charles Justiz. Today I celebrate 21 years as the wife of Charlie the Wonder Husband and Bonus Mother of Cristopher. That favor I did for David was the best thing I ever did.



WEB-uberydstIt’s interesting watching the good and the bad press on Uber. From personal experience, we have used Uber all over the world without a hitch. ALL companies have a few bad apples, even taxi companies. With one easy to use app, Uber is the best bet for our travels. And, we like the ease (and safety) of not having to pull out any money – there is no transaction – everything is taken care of in the Uber app. Try Uber for yourself – get your first ride free here (up to $20).