Gadget ideas from a mom for a mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. There is still plenty of time to go to the mall or order from (just pay attention to the actual shipping and expected delivery dates). Flowers, homemade dinner or out to a restaurant, jewelry, arts and crafts from school – all wonderful things that say I love you to Mom – but what we really want is technology:mothers day 2014

Portable charger – I can’t tell you how many times I have used mine in business meetings, traveling and soccer games.

Mini power strip – A great way to stop children and grown business people from fighting over a plug. Also makes you the most popular person in an airport.

Noise canceling headphone – Self-explanatory.

iPad Mini – As airline seats get smaller and smaller, there is not even room for a regular iPad not to mention a laptop. Plus, movies and more will fit in Mom’s purse.

Kindle – Sometimes Mom just wants a moment of silence to read a book.

Google Chromebook – A simple, powerful little laptop that gets the job done – email, search the web, watch YouTube, write, create – at an amazing price.

Roomba – I loved the first one I received so much that I asked for another one for Valentine’s Day. I love anything or anyone that vacuums for me.

Click here to see the Mother’s Day gadget gift guide from ABC News.

What do I want? Another golf club…

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