Loyal customers need not apply

You need to recruit new customers Good Customer Penaltyeach and every day but do not do it at the expense of losing regular, faithful customers. You have seen the deals – “Sign up now and receive a super-duper something-or-another, new customers only.” That feels like an existing customer penalty to me. Research and search out your top customers, offer them the deals as well. Even better, offer them something more. You would not be in business without them.

Much appreciated,

Dayna Steele

Monster Loyalty by Jackie HubaLady Gaga practices this business success principle better than no other – she rewards her top fans with the best tickets, backstage passes, engages with them on social media, and even created a social network for her Little Monsters. What does she do and how does she do it? Read Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics. In fact, thanks to author Jackie Huba, we will be giving away copies for the next few weeks to the Steeleworkers who engage the most with YDST. We appreciate you.