Llamas and dresses – get back to work

2015-02-22 17.09.22OK. That’s it. Everyone get back to work. While net neutrality advocates were celebrating a win yesterday, many people instead spent the time watching live news of loose llamas and fighting all night over the color of a dress. (Remember, horizontals stripes are NOT flattering.) So we’ll head into the weekend with a tip to help you get back to work and get some chores done. This is one of those silly tips that just fascinate us. Need to hang something with perfectly placed nails? Make a copy of the holes, tape the copy to the wall, and drill baby drill! (We are so easily entertained.)

We will leave you today with our House of Cards inspired tip from a previous season: 1000 people will hear you today. Have a nice weekend! We’ll be on the couch with Frank Underwood.


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