LinkedIn is NOT Facebook

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facebook-linkedinLinkedIn is designed to be a place for professionals to connect. Let’s use it that way. It bugs me when people I have never met or know only casually endorse me for any and all skills of which they have no real knowledge.  It adds no value to either of us and makes me suspect of the value of LinkedIn endorsements in general (but that’s another rant). Do yourself a favor; only endorse people for skills of which you have direct knowledge. In simple steps; establish a relationship; invite to connect; grow your relationship; THEN make your honest endorsements. (Dayna adds: Oh don’t get me started on requests from people I barely know to write an endorsement for them. Uh, no. LinkedIn is a professional meeting. Facebook is a neighborhood party. Act accordingly.)

On a plane headed to the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta,

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