Like like like like like

like likeYou are prepared, you have worked hard, your resume is ready – all that and your hiring, or lack there of, comes down to one thing – the impression you make in the interview. If you present yourself as personable, hard working, well spoken, and easy to work with, you instantly become a candidate for any position. Focus on how you sound to the person interviewing you. Slow speech and chronic usage of the word like are things to avoid when trying to appear professional and employable. With all your preparation, it is ultimately your personality that will seal the deal. So please, leave the likes at home.

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Practice with a friend. Work at it until you can have an entire conversation without using the word like except as a simile – a figure of speech that directly compares two things through the explicit use of connecting words such as like…

Michael Mazzella
The Millennial Tipster

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