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1passwordWe’re busy, digitized, connected, mobile. It’s absolutely critical that your online passwords are kept as safe as possible. At the same time you want to access them from anywhere. 1Password is our tool of choice because it strikes the best balance of convenience and security that you’ll find today. Passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, social security numbers – it all goes into the 1Password vault on your desktop computer. The vault syncs automatically to your mobile devices using an encrypted file on Dropbox. You can also sync using iCloud or a local WiFi network.

What’s different about 1Password versus the free LastPass or similar browser-based password managers is important. You are entering information on your local device and the software encrypts it before it travels to Dropbox – at no point in time is your password ever in clear text on any network, or on any machine or device outside of your control. Handy extras like security audit, multiple vaults, secure sharing, and more make the price tag worth every penny, and my peace of mind.

Today’s tip is courtesy of Steeleworker Samantha Sand – who turned YDST onto 1Password and we love it! Check it out here.

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ssandSamantha Sand lives in Delaware with her two kids, two cats, and one fish tank. She founded Digital Pen Studio, a web design and IT consulting outfit dedicated to small business success. Read more about 1Password there. Follow more of her words of wisdom on Twitter @samfaunce. We hope she writes more tips for YDST …


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