Let me send you some money

Screenshot 2015-11-16 06.40.26It is easy to send money online with a number of safe services without waiting for your bank to jump into this century. You can probably transfer money online through your bank but many have cumbersome apps (if at all), will charge for the service, and/or take days for the transaction to process. News out this morning is that Apple is soon to release a money transfer capability tied to iMessage. Until then, here are some of the apps we use to safely, quickly, and successfully send and receive money:

  • Venmo: This is our favorite app to use to send and receive money. It’s what we use for our college rental properties. Tied to our bank, it makes receiving the rent and depositing virtually seamless. The college students we work with like this one best.
  • Square Cash: Tied to our debit card, we send Son 2.0 cash this way. Not as often as he would like.
  • PayPal: We have used this service for so long for products and services, transferring money is a breeze.

Make it easy for people to give you money. Remember, it’s not how YOU want to receive money – it’s how the CUSTOMER wants to give you money. And we salute the Venmo staff for their musical video below.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
Always accepting online payments for a speech 🙂

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Entrepreneur Holiday Gift Guide

Sonos Wireless Music System – We have a speaker in just about every room in the house now.
Tesla – It’s a Ludicrous Gift – $1000 off the most amazing car you will ever drive.
Sansaire – Successful Cooking – Who doesn’t need a blow torch for the kitchen?
Amazon Fire Tablet $50 – For this price, you can buy this great entertainment center for everyone!
Hey Alexa, Cook Dinner For Me – Your own personal assistant, the future is here.
DeskCycle Desk Workout – No time to workout, put this baby under your desk and pedal away.
Get Tile – Find Your Stuff –  Put these on items you need to find, keys, backpack, cat.
Light Saber Chopsticks – So that all the other Star Wars geeks can see you from across the room.

*And more here – what else should we add to this gift guide? Tell us below.