Largest handwritten note ever

car space messageA handwritten note is still one of the most powerful and inexpensive business success tools you have. A note means you really care and took the time to write the note, address it and find a stamp. Or in this case, use a car company. With all of our NASA connections, we have not been able to confirm this is true – the astronaut has not been ‘officially’ identified and his face is never shown. Either way, it’s one of the coolest – and the biggest – handwritten (carwritten?) notes ever. Watch the video below. *From our NASA contact: The stuff on the ground, including the daughter and the car message, is real. The photos from orbit may or may not be real. The image could have been taken from a variety of places and NASA will not confirm since they don’t really do commercial endorsements. Sources say the astronaut is Terry Virts.

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Invest in quality note cards and stamps. Always have those on hand to write a note. Stand out in the crowd. Write someone a note today.


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