So, what does your tattoo say?

Judge a Book - Your Daily Success TipMy son gave me a temporary tattoo (to keep me from getting a real one) for my birthday over the weekend.  It was interesting how differently some people treated me once they saw ‘my ink.’  This morning a newscaster quipped that four people in the news didn’t look like people ‘who could survive the rugged Idaho backcountry.’  Yet, they do it regularly and are the ones who found the missing 16-year-old girl and her kidnapper.  A ‘very respectable looking’ friend of mine is following Black Sabbath this summer and rocking her brains out.  (Hey Terri!)

Today, treat everyone you meet as the one person who could be the key to your success.  You’ve heard it before: don’t judge a book by its cover.  That tattooed lady could be your next best customer,



Portable Charger - Your Daily Success TipHere’s a great little gadget to send your new college student off to campus with next week:  a portable battery charger.  Keep that laptop going strong through a day’s worth of classes.  Or buy two and keep yourself charged through all those meetings in a day.  See the Anker Portable Charger.  *I use my portable charger on the golf course so it looks like I’m in the office…

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