Jeff Bezos is throwing a customer service party

Jeff Bezos -’s Jeff Bezos has been all over the news this week, promoting his new KINDLE HDX (check out  the Mayday Button – I need one of those on every electronic I have). During the CNN interview, Bezos had a great quote about customer service – Customer service is like throwing a party. You throw the party for your guests. You do not throw the party for yourself. When you do it for yourself, it is a completely different party.

On the CNBC interview, he mentioned he has his top executives read these three books:

I think I will read those books – things seem to be working out OK for Jeff,



Meet ThisWebHostIt never fails, if your website is going to shut down, it is going to do it at the most inconvenient time there is. The hosting provider, ThisWebHost, swept in over the weekend like the Avengers and made the world right again. Here is a service review/love letter to a company that recently exemplified great customer service. Read the ThisWebHost review here. Bet they throw a great party.