It’s online, it must be true

A Wells Fargo ATM bank machine is shown here in Solana Beach, CaliforniaThis one started to make the rounds over the holidays. Noticed it was back this week in some social media feeds. Stranger danger at an ATM? Can you put your PIN in backwards to call the police? NO you cannot! Hopefully, this is a tip you will never need to test. Your best bet is to always be aware of your surroundings when you go to get cash out of an ATM – daylight, well lit, security, foot traffic, people driving by, is anyone following you when you leave, are you sure? Common sense please. And, check the facts before you hit that share button. Every time.

The less you know, the more you believe. – Bono

Be safe out there,

Read the Snopes here and how this started.

HelloFresh_Product_Classic_Box_US*In case you missed it, our new favorite thing is HelloFresh food ingredients/recipe delivery. First week – this is too extravagant but said we would try it for a month. Second week – well, that was good and convenient. Third week – noticed we are actually saving money by not throwing out extra food or having spices we will never use again sitting in the pantry. Fourth week – sitting on the step waiting for the box to arrive like a kid. Use the special YDST code – W6AQJG – for $40 off your first box at HelloFresh. We are hooked…