Your message is loud and clear. Not.

confusing signMessaging provides the words that help customers and prospects understand what you are offering. It articulates your promise and stimulates desire for your services. Messaging creates interest, draws customers and sells products.

  • Does your core message offer anything different from your competitors?
  • Is your messaging short, simple and clear?
  • Does your message resonate with your target audience?
  • Does your message say anything interesting and different?

This is the end of your public service messaging announcement. *A guest tip from speakers bureau WCD Enterprises and Wilene Dunn.

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We hope we were clear,


MileIQ-MapIt’s that time of year. You have gathered all your tax forms and receipts. You sit down to do the deed and realize you have either NO idea how much mileage you accrued for last year – or – can’t read a thing you wrote in that mileage book in the car that you may or may not have remembered to use every single car trip. <Sigh> That’s where MileIQ swoops in to save the day. MileIQ is a handy little app on your phone that automatically records your mileage every time you drive somewhere – and all kinds of nifty other info. I swear this thing saved my marriage. Try MileIQ for yourself.  Use code IGNITE20 for 20% off the annual subscription. And, yes, we really use MileIQ – read our review here.