Invest in surge protectors

unnamedPower outages can happen to anyone, anytime – during weather or other events. Which electronics are the most important to you in your home or office? Your televisions, your computers, your security cameras, your wine opener? Our computers, printers, iPhone and iPad chargers and more are plugged into robust power surge protectors in every room. We live and office in an old home in an old neighborhood with old electricity lines and transformers. The power surges off and on at least once a day for everyone in the neighborhood – not to mention the lightning strikes we take during Texas thunderstorms. Invest in power surge protectors today. This is something not to put off any longer. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

YDST uses Cyber Power for our surge protection and battery backup – click here for more details. Do you use one you recommend? Let us know below.

No, the wine opener does not have one …


*In case you missed this earlier in the week – Air Liquide Industrial Gas Services have been supporters of YDST for some time now – and came to us when it was time to hire new Service Equipment Operators. This successful international company, with a stellar safety record, is looking for CDL drivers with immediate positions to fill. The perfect job for drivers with flexibility and a sense of excellent customer service looking for an opportunity to advance. Interested? Click here for the full description and contact information. And, feel free to pass this on to someone you think would be interested!