Introduce two people who can help each other

Your Daily Success Tip - Help AnotherAre you looking to grow your professional network? Put two people together who can help each other be successful and get out of the way. Do not expect anything in return but know that it will eventually come back to you in so many ways – including strengthening your business reputation and in new opportunities. It is a guarantee – your network will grow when you help others grow their network.

So, what can I do for you today?

Dayna Steele


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Yesterday, I professed my love for Square, the only way to take credit cards these days. Now allow me to introduce you to Dropcam, another great product and service that breaks you out of the archaic contracts and fees so many security systems tie you into. Simply buy the Dropcam camera ($149), plug it in, download the app, and presto – you have security cameras. There is a monthly fee only if you want to record 7 days worth of activity at a time. And that fee is only $9.99 a month – you can stop and start that service anytime you want. No contract. Check out Dropcam now. (It is humid outside my front door this morning.)┬áBreaking the contract and fee chains for entrepreneurs one day at a time…