In praise of the strategic suitcase

suitcaseTraveling light is a good thing. As is learning to pack a couple of things that will make your mind, body, and whole travel experience more comfortable.  Wells Fargo’s Beverly Butler joins YDST again this week with this guest post:

Does the hotel have a pool? Pack a swimsuit and flip-flops. Fitness room? Toss in yoga pants, a T-shirt, and running shoes. Walking trail nearby? Sturdy shoes and insect repellant. What about special events while you are in another city? Pack an outfit that can take you from the symphony to a cool bar. Recently, as I was backstroking in the moonlight after a hectic day and evening of meetings, in the magnificent rooftop hotel pool I had all to myself in Vancouver, B.C., I thanked my lucky stars that I planned and packed the perfect apparel. All it takes is a bit of research and planning on your part.

Thanks Beverly – always appreciate your contributions to YDST! You are our Wells Fargo Rock Star!

Beverly Butler, APR, ABC
Wells Fargo Treasury Management
VP and Department Head: Customer Experience Communications
San Francisco, California
Twitter: @prflak