Ice, ice baby – when something goes viral, pay attention

dayna steele ice bucket challengeThe Ice Bucket Challenge is all over social media. There is no escaping it. Of course, there is no escaping ALS either. The ALS Association has raised 16 times the amount it had received over the same period last year because of this crazy, viral challenge. Yesterday, actress Brooke Baumer challenged me. Yep, I did it. So, why are so many people doing this? Why has ALS raised more money and awareness in the last few weeks than in probably the entire history of the organization? College marketing classes should be dissecting this for years to come. MBAs will be built around this campaign. I’ll give you the shorter class:

  • It is simple to understand and participate
  • There’s video to watch and share
  • You can personalize, put your mark on it
  • It’s short, we all have an attention span of :07
  • There’s a call to action to help others
  • It’s entertaining and even though you know what’s going to happen, each one is different so you watch it over and over again

Have a marketing promotion planned in the near future? Want people/customers to do something? This is now your marketing checklist. You’re welcome. Even former president George Bush got in on the challenge, Laura’s comment at the end is hysterical – see ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raises $8.6 Million in a Single Day.

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Donate to ALSA here. Or to the charity of your choice. No money? Volunteer. It’s a good thing.


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