I was bullied

Stop Bullying T-ShirtBullies come in all shapes and sizes, of all ages, from toddlers to high school students to business co-workers, in person and online. Kids learn to bully from their parents and the other adults around them. Last week, I received a couple of nasty, mean comments on my personal Facebook page when I expressed pleasure a Texan politician was getting involved in the Governor’s race. That is bullying. That is no different from walking in my unlocked front door and bullying me in my own house. What is coming out of your mouth and from your typing fingers? What are you saying around the water cooler and to other people? Brand yourself as someone who is supportive and focused on success – yours and theirs. You will get so much more.

Today marks the beginning of National Bullying Prevention Month. Play nice. Be good to each other.


Mashable featured on YourDailySuccessTip.com

Yesterday’s tip encouraged wanna-be entrepreneurs to go for it and start a company. Today, I found this piece on Mashable: 5 Ways to Launch a Successful Online Business. If the government is going to shut down, someone has to take care of things. Might as well be you. What need will you fill today? You can do this.