I sync I love you.

Tip #63: Sync your computer, phone, and other electronics.

3D-Book-Renderings_101WaysWith today’s technology, you should be able to access just about anything in your computer files on any device you have. Your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone can all be synced to the same material. So when you meet potential clients and they need information, you can access it and get it to them immediately, while the competition has to wait to get back to the office. By the time they do, the client is yours. Added bonus—you then also have additional backups for your information, files, and contacts.

Not sure how to do this? If you have Apple products, head to your nearest Apple store, they can help you do this at no charge. Have a teen in or near the house? They are good for this task as well. In a company with an IT department? Pick up cookies or cupcakes and head over to their office.  The sweets move you up on their priority list. And when all else fails, ask your Facebook friends how to do it.  That’s what friends are for.


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