I never check my email. #wtf

email firstSo sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I never check my email. What? If you don’t check your email, don’t put your email address on your card or website. Period. Or at least tell people to not send you any email – which of course then makes it sound like you are someone who will be a lot of trouble to do business with. Email is a main communication tool (for now). If it is on your card or on your website (or both), check it. And answer it. Every day.

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Want a little fun to start your day? Follow @MaryLeeShark on Twitter – the great white shark currently touring the US East Coast. You can thank us later for wasting your time with a funny shark. Or watch the new Taylor Swift video – wanna bet this creates a movie? This is just as good as any guy’s action movie. See below.

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