I have roses for you

rosesPut your phone down and talk to a stranger. This happens. Stopping for a quick lunch at a nearby restaurant after a speech in Silver Spring, Maryland a few weeks ago, five young women sat at the table next to me. They settled in, ordered lunch, and all proceeded to become quietly engrossed in their own phones. Being the shy flower I am, I said, “Put your phones face down on the table, I have a few questions.” We talked about a recent daily tip (Put your phone down and pass the salt) for a few minutes. As I left, I secretly paid for their lunches. Once they realized what I had done, all five texted an individual thank you. This one warmed me to the core of my soul:

There’s a Chinese saying: the fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose. (Share this using the buttons above.)  

A most wonderful saying from that lunch. A most wonderful one indeed. I know the girls have signed up for the daily tip. Leave them a hello below in Speak Your Mind!

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