I Google You…

Google someoneMy itty-bitty preemie baby son had a college interview yesterday. He Googled the recruiter before our visit and discovered she went to the same college as someone he stage-managed a show with a few months ago. A few minutes into the interview, he was able to bring up the connection and the conversation/interview took off from there. No matter who you are meeting with today, ‘Google’ him, her or the organization. All it takes is a simple search and a few minutes of reading – for a lifetime of success!

Stay cool,


Stamps.comShout out today to Stamps.com. This is not an ad, this is a love note. I recently started using the Stamps.com service and am now a vocal, happy customer. Not only is it convenient to print your own postage in your pajamas but the Stamps.com customer service has been amazing. I have made so many initial mistakes trying to print their photo stamps and the company has refunded each and every mistake, no questions asked. I know they think I’m a moron.