I can see clearly now – coolest car tip ever

side-mirrorsYou need to change lanes on the highway – you check your rearview mirror, glance around quickly, think it’s safe, start to make the change – and someone blares their horn at you. That car in your blind spot just got your attention. Once your heart stops beating out of your chest and you get to your destination, watch this video and learn to set your side mirrors.

Why did we not know this?

Every once in awhile, we have to share a tip that may not have anything to do with business, but it’s certainly a lot easier to be successful when you aren’t hurt – or even worse – dead. Thanks Ben Eytalis and Auto Focus! Try this. It’s weird at first seeing so much on either side but you’ll see more around you. And, can make better lane change choices. Now, about that turn signal.

Off to New York City where Greatness Begins With a Dreamfollow us on Instagram for the pics. What are you doing today to set up the rest of your life?


*Remember to always to do a shoulder check and wear your seat belt as well. Driving safely is still your responsibility, not ours 🙂


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