How to stand out in the crowd

Your Daily Success Tip iconWhew. You have done it; you have made it to Friday. As we head into the weekend, I want to give you something that you can start next week for success. Relax and recharge over the weekend but think about these things as you plan for next week.  These are five simple things you can start to do RIGHT NOW to stand out from everyone else:

  • Be on time
  • Answer your phone
  • Be prepared with documents and research
  • Return communications (emails, calls. texts, posts, etc) immediately
  • Send a thank you note

A meeting, an interview, a sales call – whatever you do next week – make these five things habit. Most people will not. And, YOU will stand out.

Have a great weekend,


How to write your own obituary by Brad Meltzer


How To Write Your Own Obituary. Best selling author Brad Meltzer did this as a TEDx speech in Miami a while back. I ran across it the other day and was reminded what a great speech it was and still is. What if you could write your own obit? Well, you can and you do in everything you do every day.  Watch the video below.