How to get your resume to anyone

Want to get your resume in the hands of someone at a specific company or to one specific person? Do what this little girl did at a recent White House event – she handed her Dad’s resume directly to First Lady Michelle Obama. girl hands resume to Michelle obamaYou may not be able to give your resume to Mrs. Obama but you can seize an opportunity. Do your research, find these people, put yourself in the same vicinity – have your resume on hand and speak up for what you need. It is a competitive market out there and you are going to have to go that extra mile to be recognized – whether you need a job, a client, or a sale. No matter what you need, be prepared and take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself – you may never get another chance. Or hire this little girl to do it for you. She was prepared, she was brief and to the point. She definitely seized her opportunity.

See her step up for her Dad: First lady gets resume

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Andrew BarberFeatured Steeleworker Andrew Barber: I am looking to employ my skills in Project Management, Association Management, and Government Relations (business development, federal and Congressional advocacy, and policy development) to use in the aerospace or non-profit association fields. I’m currently consulting, which is interesting, but I would like to get back into an office environment. I’m engineering and science minded and able to translate complex subjects to technical and non-technical audiences. I’m proactive, highly organized and usually several steps ahead of developing problems. Email  LinkedIn

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