How to create loyal customers (and friends)

teamLet your best customers know how you really feel. Any chance you get to WOW a customer, take it. Sometimes all it takes is something as simple as a smile or a quick handwritten note. Wonder Husband spends a great deal of time on United Airlines. The pilot handed him this business card with a note on the back as he left the plane on his last trip. Airlines aren’t the best these days with customer service – this one simple memorable gesture makes up for a lot of that.

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Write someone a note today and tell them how much you care …. business or personal.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
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If United Airlines really loved me, they would put one of these under every seat. I used a DeskCycle picture in a recent tip. The company sent me one the next week (that’s a WOW).  I have used it ever since. It really works and I get some exercise while sitting at my desk writing tips, books, being sucked into Facebook for hours, etc. See DeskCycle here on Amazon. Love, love mine!