How to compose an email

You receive countless emails all day long – which means you have time to scan the first couple of sentences and make a snap decision that consists one of three things: need to take care of this immediately, this can wait, or delete. At this point and time, you would think we all know how to compose an email. Apparently some of us don’t. Stop sending long, involved emails – learn to get your point or request across in a couple of sentences. If you can do that, people will then ask for more. If not, read the delete line above. You decide which category your email will end up in …

The Haggler (Helping aggrieved consumers for more than six-tenths of a decade), David Segal of the New York Times, has this at the end of his column – a good lesson for all:

Screenshot 2015-01-02 08.52.21Also read: How to get your email read

Have a brief, relevant, and transparent day,

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