How to caddie for Phil Mickelson

write a noteWant to get noticed? Write a handwritten note to someone. Zillionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson recently commented  “we just don’t write enough thank you notes anymore.” Yes! We’ve been saying this all along. A handwritten thank you note is one of the most powerful tools you have in business. Thanks to Steeleworkers Jeffrey Weiss and Russ Fortson who both sent me this video story – how one man became golfing great Phil Mickelson’s caddie simply by writing a thank you note. Watch the CBS Sports video below.

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Thanks to Steeleworker Anna Caudle as well this morning for sending us some of her original notecards available on Etsy – click here to see her designs.


MileIQ-MapIt’s that time of year. You have gathered all your tax forms and receipts. You sit down to do the deed and realize you have either NO idea how much mileage you accrued for last year – or – can’t read a thing you wrote in that mileage book in the car that you may or may not have remembered to use every single car trip. <Sigh.> That’s where MileIQ swoops in to save the day. MileIQ is a handy little app on your phone that automatically records your mileage every time you drive somewhere – and all kinds of nifty other info. I swear this thing saved my marriage. Try MileIQ for yourself.  Use code IGNITE20 for 20% off the annual subscription. And, yes, we really use MileIQ – read our review here.

And, here is the promised write a thank you and become a caddie video:


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