How much gas do you have?

andy-fox26Every time your car gas tank gets below half a tank, make it a habit to stop and fill up again. Woke up to this tweet this morning from our morning news producer at Fox 26 Houston. Parts of Texas have been hit with record-breaking rain the last 48 hours. We are pretty good about keeping a full tank during hurricane season – after seeing this – we will try to be better year round. Welcome to Houston Andy – when we put on a storm, we put on a storm.

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To those who have asked (many – thanks for thinking of us), it appears there is a leak in the new kitchen and woke up to water downstairs in the bedrooms. All will be fixed, we are safe. Others have not been so fortunate during these storms. Please consider donating to or volunteering for the Red Cross today.

Yoga breath. Ommmmmmmmmm…..


idea-bookOn a happier note, saw a book that made us smile in a store the other day. What Do You Do With An Idea? is a kid’s book but could very well become the next Oh, The Place You’ll Go! as the go-to gift for graduates. Looking for a gift idea? Get one (or both) of these books, write an encouraging note, and insert an encouraging gift card or check as well!