How did the black boy work out?

computerExcuses for bad services are, well, bad business. Follow that with discrimination and a customer must speak up. After computer repairs yesterday, the owner of the repair company called to explain a couple of problems we had prior to the service appointment. There was no apology for the problems nor did we get the promised discount, noticing last night the charges in full on our credit card. That is not the problem this morning. The problem is, after I praised the technician who finally arrived, the owner asked if we were okay with one of those kind doing our work, that it is the South after all.  The technician the company finally sent was prompt, knowledgeable, neat, and a pleasure to work with – and he fixed the problem. THAT is what you look for in an employee. Not color, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Period.

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Still stunned and sad this morning but motivated to work even harder to change hearts and minds. I will not name the company to keep hate from flowing the other direction. But. He will see this tip.


Thanks to Wells Fargo for renewing my faith in the human race this morning with their new ad. Watch it below. And, be kind today.

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