Hey there Honey!

Alice1floBe kind, be gracious, be nice – but watch how familiar you are with people. From guest tipster Wilene Dunn: We were in line at a local restaurant with a woman probably in her late 70’s in front of us. The server,  a guy in his 20’s says, “Can I help you hon?” The woman looked up over that counter, probably stood straight up for the first time in years, and said, “I’M NOT YOUR HON! I am three times your age and you should respect me.”  Wilene adds – then later in the day, a sales person trying to sell me insurance ends the phone call with, “Thank you honey.”

That sort of familiar language is being used now more than ever but it’s not always appropriate. Respect everyone, even your honey. Also read: Snarky will always find a way back to you.

Have a nice day darlin’……


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