Here On Biz Travel App

HereOn.Biz - YourDailySuccessTip.comOpportunity sometimes presents itself in the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times. That is where Here On Biz comes in – the mobile app for business networking. Here On Biz identifies the most valuable professionals to you and alerts you when they are near. Powered by your LinkedIn contacts, Here On Biz maximizes your travels, conferences, and downtime. Personal, corporate, events and associations – never miss a chance to connect.

From the Here On Biz website:

Here On Biz mission is simple: ensure professionals never miss an opportunity. Whether that is alerting you when a potentially great connection is nearby when you’re traveling on business, allowing you to better connect and communicate at a conference, or letting you know when an old colleague is passing through town. Here On Biz is the app that travels with you and makes the most of your time, automatically connecting you with nearby opportunities that matter.

The app is available for free worldwide on the Apple App Store and is currently being used by business professionals in over 50 countries.