Have it your way every time

Burger_King_Logo.svgThe bigger your network, the more opportunities you have, the more success comes your way. Everyone is a potential client or partner. Add someone new to your network every day – talk to strangers, go to new events and meetings, keep your eyes and ears open for potential partners. Burger King did just that, and with a little bit of a soft heart as well, just got a ton of priceless positive press this week. Watch the union of Mr. Burger and Ms. King below.

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Sit next to a stranger somewhere today and strike up a conversation. I’m on a plane to Orlando, bet I can find someone to talk to there…


WEB-uberydstIt’s interesting watching the good and the bad press on Uber. From personal experience, we have used Uber all over the world without a hitch. ALL companies have a few bad apples, even taxi companies. With one easy to use app, Uber is the best bet for our travels. And, we like the ease (and safety) of not having to pull out any money – there is no transaction – everything is taken care of in the Uber app. Try Uber for yourself – get your first ride free here (up to $20).