Ladies and Gentleman – Your Mentor The Beatles

50 years ago today, The Beatles landed in the United States. ed-leffler-with-the-beatlesOne of their first PR guys there to greet them when they touched down was Ed Leffler. Ed went on to great success as a manager for The Carpenters and then Sammy Hagar. When Sammy joined Van Halen, Ed took over management there as well until his death. Ed was also one of my main mentors throughout my radio career. Much of what I learned and much of what I was able to do was because of this man. He was an amazing business manager with the best sense of humor. A few years ago, I was given some early Beatles video footage – because there was Ed on the screen to the left of Ringo. Either be a mentor or get a mentor – you can make beautiful music together.

Who is your mentor?

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If you have not read Sammy Hagar‘s autobiography, I highly recommend it. He earned every ounce of success and every penny the way most successful people do – with an inexhaustible supply of passion, relationships, hard work, and determination. The book is not for kids and not for anyone easily offended. However, if you want to know how Sammy went from a poor, homeless child to a rock star entrepreneur, selling his tequila company for $82 million dollars, read Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. It should be required reading for every rock fan and every entrepreneur.

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