Guess I will have to hire someone who is available

If you must use your email auto-responder, make sure you Out of Office Respondershave the turn-off date set. Or, make yourself a note on your calendar, one you actually check, to turn it off before you go to bed the day before you return to the office. An outdated out-of-office response looks unprofessional. If you cannot do something that simple, how can someone trust you with the big details of an opportunity or a project? *Bonus tip: If you are out for a medical procedure, do not tell me that. Yew. 

In the office today and every day,





If you are headed out for some fun this weekend, why not check out Uber? Here’s a free ride (up to $20) just for trying the ride service. Now, everyone has a personal driver. Download the app and get started. Just had great Uber service in Dallas and look forward to using Uber again in New York City in April. The free ride is here.