Great new phone gadgets and a Flux Capacitor

No matter what brand of phone you have, we found a couple of phone gadgets over the holidays that we have tried for the past few weeks including one for the car CD player we never use. These two have become a permanent part of our success plan:

Wallet Phone Stand41B5MuiztoL – No more propping your phone up with whatever you can find on a plane, your desk, the kitchen table, a local bar (don’t judge) – this handy little stand is less than $10. It is the size of a credit card and folds up to fit in your wallet.

CD Phone Holder – First had to go to the Prius C and check to see if we even had a 512x4RXhzBL._SX425_CD player – we’ve never used it. This handy holder fits many phone brands. We like that it serves two purposes – it holds the phone securely at a high level that keeps you from looking down at the GPS (and keeps you safer that way) – and – it actually gives the poor little CD player a useful life again…

It’s almost Friday – you got this!


*Bonus gadget. OK, we HAD to buy this for Wonder Husband. It is a USB charger – or so they say. We want to believe it really is a Flux Capacitor. And, yes, we really did buy it. Watch the video – it is too fun. Stupid. Useless. And, I know this so comes under the heading of “Don’t buy crap you don’t need” but we needed this…