Got a spare $30,000 this year?

Screenshot 2016-02-09 11.45.20If you or a loved one have to go into assisted living of any kind, expect to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for this kind of care and housing. Unless you have Long Term Care insurance or qualify for Medicaid, odds are you will spend $30,000, or most likely even more, to take care of someone in a care facility. I know we spent a lot to take care of Mom, but when I started to put together documents and totals for the year, $39,692.83 was a stunning total to look at for the past year. And, that was after we applied her Social Security and VA benefits.

Plan to do it in your own home without help? It can be done but there will still be thousands of dollars in other expenses involved that way as well. Make a plan NOW. Start saving some money and look into a Long Term Care plan. Your health insurance will not cover this care. And, Medicaid is a crapshoot.

Dayna Steele
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