Google autocomplete emailed your ex

Gmail_logoGoogle recently changed the algorithms that power Gmail’s autocomplete name feature. So what does that mean to you? It means when you start to type a name, Gmail will automatically complete the email address for you. If you aren’t paying attention, it will autocomplete now with someone you may have emailed once a few years ago instead of someone you email all the time. Depending on what the email contains, that could create quite the excitement for you later today. One fix is to delete these one-off emails from your Gmail Contacts list this way:

  • Click on Mail in the upper right corner, then click Contacts
  • Type in the name you want to delete in the search bar at the top of the page
  • Click on the name. When the contact info opens up, click on More above their name
  • Click Delete contact

Google is working on the problem and will probably have it fixed quickly. Just to be on the safe side, double check the TO names in your email carefully today. We noticed it several times over the weekend and on Monday. So, if you got an email from us that made no sense, it is Google’s fault. :-). That’s our story and we’re sticking with it…

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