Good listeners make good spies


The more you hear, the more you know. The more you know, the easier it is to succeed. Thanks to Steeleworker Phillip Know for forwarding this article from Jan Garrison in the Culver News: Good Listeners Make Good Spies. The title most definitely caught my attention – teaching people to listen has long been a part of my speech presentations. The story I tell? I don’t know the Rolling Stones personally, but while all the other radio and record people talked (and talked and talked) the first time I was backstage with the band, I listened. I heard the road manager instruct crew to put the shortest person in the room in the front row for the picture. I kicked off my heels and wore flats every time I was around them from that point on … I make the greatest rock band in the world look tall.

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Tip #68 in 101 Ways to Rock Your World: LISTEN.

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