Do you have time to play nine holes later today?

Golf for Business - YourDailySuccessTip.comIf someone asked you to play golf today, could you say yes? The one who can say yes ends up with at least four additional hours with that potential client, with the boss considering promotions, with the client thinking about a big buy, with the CEO looking to hire. Take a few lessons and get just enough knowledge to play. No one is really as good as he or she says and there are no golf police. We have raised all three of our sons with this little tidbit of business advice. Our oldest son is now a professional in oil and gas and plays with his boss all the time. He was recently awarded a huge promotion…



On the Golf Course by Dayna Steele

101 Ways to Rock Your World officially became a book series this week. The newest title in the series is On the Golf Course, co-written with PGA Pro Aram Hudson and one of my favorite golfing partners Cathy Arroyo. Offering advice for golfers of all levels to improve their game immediately, On the Golf Course: 101 Ways to Rock Your World presents a host of tips and quotes from author-turned-golfer yours truly and golf experts. The book encourages future golfers, helps build confidence in new golfers, and reminds seasoned players that golf is, above all, a game-and a fun one!