It takes three hours, it’s uncomfortable, and I do it as often as I can

Sammy Hagar Beverly BurlerSteeleworker Beverly Butler had me with the photo. Bev and Sammy Hagar were both at an event honoring those who give – in time, donations, and blood. So, when she suggested this guest post, I said hell yeah!

People who give blood are noble. Those of us who donate platelets during work hours (thank you, Boss!) have taken lying down on the job to a whole new level. Blood is removed and sent through a machine that separates out the platelets. What’s left is put back into the donor a few hours later. It feels weird. Think chilled water being pumped into your veins. There is a guest book in the recovery area that simply asks: “Why do you give?” Donors write about very personal reasons: their toddler being diagnosed with leukemia, or a brother needing 15 pints of blood after a motorcycle accident, or a young husband just back from war with a brain tumor. It’s what keeps me going back month after month, cookies or no cookies.

Find out more about today’s guest tipster Wells Fargo’s Beverly Butler here on LinkedIn. And read about the Hagar Family Foundation and how Sammy gives back SO much here.

Give something back today – and give your employees time off with pay to do the same,

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
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