Fight the boredom and cross the street

Dayna Steele Early RadioQuestion from a #Steeleworker this week: What do you do when parts of your job just get so boring? First, realize ALL jobs have tedious moments. The Rolling Stones have been performing the same songs for 50 years, which has to be awful at times. Second, stop and find one, just one good thing you enjoy about that task or part of the job. No matter how bad things are, you can always come up with one good thing. Find it and focus on that. I may have hated playing Stairway to Heaven on the radio for 20+ years, but I always made it through by reminding myself I was being paid to play music.

Rock on with your badassery (now in the Oxford Online Dictionary) self this Thursday,


Fight the boredomMeet Donna, the new school crossing guard for our middle school. Low pay, early hours, kamikaze SUV moms – not a great job – yet there she is every morning, smiling and waving at every car. Some ignore her, some just stare not comprehending happiness, and others, like me, smile and wave back. Then, stop and thank her for making my day. I asked her why she does it. Her reply, “If I didn’t, I would go insane with boredom.”

*badassery (n.): behavior, characteristics, or actions regarded as intimidatingly tough or impressive, i.e. YOU. And Donna.