Fake Windows Tech Support

Screenshot 2015-02-26 07.04.14As much as Microsoft would love to have your money, the company does not call you unsolicited to fix your computer. From a YDST fan: I received a call this morning from a gentleman claiming to be with Windows Tech Support, offering to help me rid my computer of hackers. He was extremely convincing and kept me on the phone for approximately 25 minutes following all sorts of hard-to-understand procedures. He had me convinced I needed this to protect my computer and my files – until he got to the part where he asked for $199 for a 2-year contract or $299 for a 3-year contract to keep my computer safe. I now understand this is happening to many people so please alert your list of “Steeleworkers.”  There – consider yourself alerted. And thanks Raynell for letting us know!

Also read USPS Email and IRS Phone Scams. The IRS scam will increase in the next few weeks and many will be taken in by it. Remember, the IRS will not call you or email you. If you are truly in trouble with the IRS, you will receive a very official looking letter in the mail. And even then, read it and examine it closely to make sure it is official.

Have you gotten a call or email like this that turned out to be a scam? Let us know below so we can warn others. Thanks.

Verify, verify, verify.


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